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November 1, 2018
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November 1, 2018

Green Hills Hotel, Kabale.

Green Hills Hotels is a family run business with two hotel facilities located in Bukoto, Kampala and Kabale Municipality. The business was officially registered in 2002 and started with the hotel in Kabale. The hotel in Kampala was completed and became operational in September 2008.

Green Hills Kabale is currently undergoing a series of enhancements to build its operations, services and brand to a certified 3-star standard, within the next 5 years.

Since 2015 when the first matching grant was given, a number of successes have been achieved. The grant enabled the hotel to hire different professional consultants who did a diagnostic review of the hotel operations. This resulted in the development of an operations manual, a marketing strategy and a branding plan, all which are being implemented incrementally. Both the Kabale and Kampala hotels have installed a hotel management system and improved internet connectivity. As a result of this upgraded status, Green Hills Hotel was classified by the Uganda Tourist Board as a 2-star hotel and received an award.

Green Hills Hotel, Bukoto Kampala

With the fourth round of the MGF in 2017, the hotel was able to start the process of upgrading/renovating the existing physical structure of Green Hills Hotel Kabale to a 3-star hotel status, in line with recommendations by the Uganda Tourism Board. The specific achievements for this phase have been hiring architects and interior designers to get designs and bills of quantities for the drop-off area, reception, coffee lounge and conference hall. The architectural drawings, details of building works and bills of quantities are awaiting operationalization.

However, with branding and other systems, the hotel gets business from some international and local organizations with upcountry offices in Kabale where their staff and visitors can stay while in the region.

Green Hills Hotel, Kabale.

With these activities implemented, the hotel, has witnessed better reviews from the guests and a slight but consistent increase in the guest traffic.

 Green Hills Hotel Kabalel is located in the Makanga area, 1km from Kabale town centre. It offers a panoramic view of stretches of beautiful green hills amidst cool breezes, making it a very serene environment and one of the most comfortable and welcoming hotels in the Kigezi hills. The hotel has a total of 23 rooms that include three twin rooms, five executive suites, six single rooms with a balcony and nine standard double rooms with a balcony. All rooms have access to DSTV, Internet, PABX intercom system and the hotel is under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. Guests also have access to a variety of additional services and facilities such as a swimming pool, conference/banqueting facilities for up to 250 people, two options of restaurant and bar (poolside and garden) and secure parking, a stand by generator and in-house laundry services.

Green Hills Hotel Kampala is located in. It is easily accessible by foot from the main road and public transport is nearby. It has a total of 20 executive rooms, including four apartments and access to a gym and conference facilities for up to 30 people. It offers a quiet, luxurious hideaway within walking distance to famous restaurants, supermarkets and night spots.


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