Cayman Consult uses grant to facilitate money transfer services, launch BPO centre
November 1, 2018

A product of House of Seafood. Photo:

House of Seafood is a sole proprietorship, based in Kamwokya – Kampala and owned by Mary Aman. The enterprise is one of Uganda’s local largest supplier of seafood (squid, crab, octopus and snappers) and freshwater fish (Tilapia and Nile Perch).

House of seafood employs five people and its clientele are top tier hotels, restaurants serving exotic dishes, and diplomatic missions amongst others. The company sources its freshwater fish from Ugandan lakes while seafood from majorly Kenya and Tanzania.

However, the company has had challenges as a result of competition from other companies dealing in seafood. This led to Aman and team introducing the freshwater fish to increase its range of products and thereby revenue. But they had not rebranded to reflect their new products.

Mary Aman, proprietor of House of Seafood

The matching grant facility came in handy which enabled House of Seafood rebrand. The owner was also able to attend the 24th edition of the Global Seafood Expo in Brussels, Belgium between 26-28 April 2017.

The expo exposed House of Seafood to modern marketing of the products thereby developing branding concept covering packaging materials, logos, and advertising among others aiming to achieve traction in the market.

“The expo presented an opportunity for us to gain unparalleled insight in the global seafood and freshwater fish, and met potential business partners. The business has seen unprecedented changes and growth following the support,” Aman says.

A product of House of Seafood. Photo:

“We tripled our sales. The Matching Grant Facility pursuit is not like any other, they offer business development services which is a must have for every business but very few appreciate that they need it,” she concludes.




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