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A photo on the internet of a weaver bird in Uganda

Journeys Uganda was registered in June 2012 and offers tailor made safaris to its clients. One of the directors, Paul Tamwenya is an experienced guide, tourism guide instructor and consultant with over 15 years of experience. With such a profile, you would think that the company set up by such an experienced tour hand would flourish from day one. For Journeys Uganda, that wasn’t the story.

With all this knowledge, business at Journeys Uganda was slow in the first two years and most of the simple sales came from word of mouth and people he had worked with before but this wasn’t enough to sustain the business and also achieve the ultimate goal.

In 2014, Tamwenya took another step and recruited two people to help boost the marketing but still clients were not falling in as desired.

A photo on the internet of a weaver bird in Uganda

In May 2016, through other beneficiaries, Tamwenya learnt that there was an opportunity for funding through the Private Sector Foundation under the CEDP project and applied for support in the third round to attend the 2016 America Birding Expo Exhibition in Ohio.   The company managed to attend the exhibition and as a result increased its visibility internationally and made more business contacts with new international tour operators internationally. The company managed to immediately receive six tourists for a 10 day safari in December 2016 from one of the companies Tamwenya had met during that exhibition.

During this visit also Journeys Uganda managed to strengthen its ties with other partners that had worked with them over the years and several meetings were organized more specifically to come up with new products and packages. These packages were designed and are being sold.

In the fourth round of calls, the company again sought for support and brought in four international tour operators for a nine day trip in May 2017 to Uganda in order for the tour operators to experience the Uganda tourist product and be able to sell it better. The familiarization trip was a success and three of the tour operators promised to sale the company tour packages beginning 2018 and those trips are already scheduled and will be running this year. The other one operator promised to schedule trips in the future.



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