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ClinicMasters directors and staff during the launch of the company's brand at Hotel Africana

ClinicMaster International is an innovative business that provides solutions to the healthcare sector. It solves information challenges and offers health information management systems branded ClinicMaster to hospitals or healthcare providers in Uganda.

ClinicMaster’s core business involves software development, offering Information Technology Support Services and Research in IT. Currently, ClinicMaster sales a onetime ClinicMaster license that comprises of various modules. The company’s key products and services include: ClinicMaster Software License, Biometric Incorporation, Training on ClinicMaster modules, and ICT consultancy.

ClinicMasters directors and staff during the launch of the company’s brand at Hotel Africana

The company received MGF support towards acquisition of ISO certification for quality management systems and to develop and launch a branding strategy. The branding process included carrying out a survey to establish customer needs and an appropriate report was prepared. Based on the outcome of the research, a new brand strategy was developed with appropriate marketing materials. A launch of the new brand was carried out at Hotel Africana.

According to Wilson Kutegeka, the ClinicMaster Director, attaining ISO certification greatly improved their operations which resulted in high efficiency and led to increased company income.

Presentation of ClinicMaster’s logo

ClinicMaster currently has 52 hospitals and clinics using their solution in Uganda. They have also embarked on exporting the solution and so far one hospital in South Sudan and two hospitals in Kenya have been enrolled.


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