Most businesses would want to increase their sales and eventually income. Some of them have limitations that stop them from achieving this goal. It could be lack of training or  technology necessary to reach a certain market. The Matching Grant Facility (MGF) is tailored to meet such challenges. The MGF is a competitive grant aimed at improving the capacity, enhancing productivity, and competitiveness of the private sector in Uganda.  The grant is enabling enterprises in select sectors to address firm level constraints that inhibit productivity, growth, and competitiveness by contributing 50% of the money needed. The enterprise that applies for this grant then contributes the remaining 50%. The project is being implemented by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda.


  • Tourism
  • Agribusiness (Coffee, Horticulture, Edible Oils, Grains and pulses)
  • Fisheries
  • Information and Communication Technology (Business Outsourcing).


  • Increase exports
  • Create more jobs
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase sales and income.


  • Six rounds call for proposals cumulatively run
  • 418 enterprises signed up for the grant worth US$2,556,687
  • 233 enterprises reimbursed to date worth US$1,412,203 – 47% of total budget
  • US$1,412,484 committed for disbursement.


  • 418 enterprises accessed funding out of the targeted 500
  • 287,081 direct project beneficiaries reached
  • 51% of beneficiaries are female owned enterprises
  • 329 new employment created in supported MSMEs
  • 3% increase in sales of the supported MSMEs
  • 2% increase in export volumes from supported MSMEs.