Africa Coffee Academy goes international, thanks to the Matching Grant Facility
September 8, 2018
Uncovering Government Support for Entrepreneurs. The case of the Matching Grant Facility
September 11, 2018

Kibinge Farmers’ Cooperative Society is a member owned co-operative society. Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Society was supported under the Call for Proposals – Round 1 of the Matching Grant Facility with a grant worth Ugx 13,212,063 to undertake a feasibility study for establishment of a mult-purpose coffee plant for processing coffee produced by farmers in the major growing areas of Masaka, Lwengo, Rakai, Mpigi and Bukomansibi districts.

After the study indicated the possibilities of the plant, the Cooperative Society has now embarked on preliminary arrangements to operationalise the establishment of multi-purpose coffee processing plant. The roaster and laboratory equipment were procured and employees recruited and trained on how to roast and grind quality coffee to meet the market standards. The co-operative society is now boasting of roasted whole beans and delicious and aromatic ground coffee brand on the Ugandan market in the supermarkets in Kampala, Masaka, Jinja and elsewhere. Overtime, the number of members to supply the cooperative society with coffee has increased from 1,217 in 2015 to 1,756 members in 2018. The members of the cooperative society are now more engaged in different levels of the coffee value chain that include; coffee production, processing coffee into Fair Average Quality (FAQ) and export to Europe.

During the Call for Proposals – Round 4, Kibinge Farmers’ Cooperative Society was again supported with a grant of Ugx 26,837,000 to train 60 board directors and management in management and governance where members were equipped with skills in good cooperative governance, internal personal relations, effective communication, principles of international cooperative movement and good coffee agronomic practices. These skills were passed on to group members.

This has contributed to increased coffee production and productivity. The overall coffee production of the Cooperative Society has increased from 685,005kgs in 2015 to 1,017,429kgs in 2018. The cooperative society is now employing 46 staff members from 17 in 2015 in agricultural extension, grading and coffee processing.

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